Custom Package – Andrew S.


Complete payment to receive a Dropbox link containing downloadable lead sheets for the 39 songs listed below.



Body cross, Applesauce
Bundle Up Baby
Click, Clack
Click like this, Clack like that
Do you hear the reindeer
Everybody play, everybody stop!
Gingerbread Boy
I don’t care if the snow comes down
I have a Bean Bag
Lollipop Bop
Lollipop, Lollipop
Lollipop Start and Stop
Make a shape
Making Ryhtym with our hands
Move your body along
Music Classtime band
My Bonnie lies over the ocean
Play your drum with me
Put the scarf on your…
Ready, Set, Wait
Rythym Stick Mix
Ring to the Music
Shake it Off
Shakin song
Surely you can Shake it
T is for Tamborine
Tam Tam Boo
Tap Dance
Tap your Rythym Sticks
Throw and Catch
Thunder and Raindrops
Turn the Beat Around
Ugga Bugga Boo
Under the Sea
Up and Down
We’re Gonna Wave
Whos Jingling now?
Your Fingers can Dance

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