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I’ve condensed over 12 years of innovation as a music therapist, along with the most important lessons I’ve learned along the way. This is the book that will help you shape your music therapy career in order to make more money and live your ideal lifestyle.

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Since starting my music therapy career, I’ve worked as a full-time employee, contracted music therapist, solo private practitioner, and co-owner of a combined private practice and teaching studio with a team of 15. In that time, I’ve also started and grown a thriving online business alongside many other revenue-generating pursuits.

Rachel Rambach | Music Therapy Connections

Over the last 12 years, I have crafted a career that is made up of both clinical and non-clinical work. It has taken endless experimentation, self-education, and innovation to achieve a balance that best suits my strengths, personality, and lifestyle. In its current form, my career is fulfilling, fun, and financially lucrative.

My goal in writing this book is to give YOU the tools, perspective, and permission to create your ideal career, too. There are so many possibilities for using our unique skills and knowledge not only to impact many people in a positive way, but also to reach and exceed our full earning potential. Innovative Income for Music Therapists is the resource that I hope will help you turn those possibilities into your reality.

Table of Contents | Innovative Income for Music Therapists

This book features the experiences and wisdom of 8 successful music therapists who have also crafted unique careers in the field of music therapy. These inspiring innovators share the lessons they have learned along this path and their best advice for others in our profession who want to pave their own way, as well.

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Innovative Income for Music Therapists will be released on Tuesday, January 14. Have questions about the contents of this e-book? Simply send me an email (, and I will answer you directly.

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