Video + Free Download: “The Dolphin Song”

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2 Years of Monthly Session Plans!

Get a jump start on planning for the upcoming school year (and the following one!) with 2 entire years of monthly session plans for less than the price of 1. That’s 240 songs, each of which includes mp3, lyrics/chords, detailed facilitation guide, and instrumental track.

Each session plan is designed to provide 30-45 minutes of meaningful, educational, and goal-based music to help your students, clients or even your own children meet their developmental goals. More details below.

THIS BOGO deal is only available now through Friday, July 26.

Detailed Description

Every month, Listen & Learn Music releases a 10-song session plan that you can use in your music therapy sessions, early childhood classes, preschool groups, and/or classroom.

Your session plan includes the mp3, instrumental track, lyrics and chords for each song, as well as detailed facilitation guides that provide goals/objectives, procedure steps, suggested instruments/materials, and adaptations for all 10 songs.

All of the songs are written and/or adapted by board-certified music therapist Rachel Rambach, and are carefully selected each month to create a cohesive session as well as coincide with pertinent seasonal themes.

Session plans include songs for gross and fine motor movement, instrument play, social interaction, speech and language, seasonal awareness, cognitive skills, emotional development, self-care, and much more.

This week only, in celebration of the one-year anniversary of monthly session plans, we’re giving away the ENTIRE PREVIOUS YEAR of session plans when you subscribe for this year.

Monthly Session Plans

You will also receive monthly session plans 15 days prior to the new month (for ample learning/prep time) throughout the next year. That’s a total of 240 original or adapted songs I’ve created specifically to address important objectives across a wide range of domains.

The Listen & Learn Music catalog is designed to be catchy, easy to learn, and effective when working with children of all ages and abilities. I use each and every one of these songs myself across many settings and populations, as does my team of board-certified music therapists.

Having these session plans ready to each month serves as an amazing foundation that we can then expand upon as needed to serve our clients’ and students’ specific needs. I hope you will be able to reap the same benefits from them!

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