Time To Sing Hello


Download the songbook (lyrics/melody line/chords) and mp3s for “Time to Sing Hello” by Rachel Rambach, a board-certified music therapist and singer/songwriter.

Read the product description below for more detailed information about how this songbook and album can be used to help children learn and grow.

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Time to Sing Hello is the first studio album by board-certified music therapist and singer/songwriter Rachel Rambach, the creator of Listen & Learn Music. This album is unique in that it was funded by fans of Listen & Learn via Kickstarter, a platform for collecting pledges to bring “creative ideas and ambitious endeavors” to fruition. Time to Sing Hello started as just that; now, thanks to Listen & Learn supporters, it’s a reality!

This album is a collection of 10 songs, from “hello” to “goodbye” with a little bit of everything in between. Like all of Rachel’s Listen & Learn songs, acoustic guitar and vocals make up the core, but you’ll also hear drums, electric guitar, bass, and other instruments. Songs include:

Time to Sing Hello
My Clothes and Shoes
That Yellow Bus
Making Friends
The Feelings in My Heart
Move Your Body Along
Clock Rock
Left and Right
Clean Up Time
Time to Say Goodbye

Please consider downloading the album; the objective is for these educational (and more importantly, FUN) songs to be heard by kids of all ages and abilities far and wide. So go ahead: listen, learn, and sing along!


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