Turkey Dinner Dance


Download the sheet music and mp3 for “Turkey Dinner Dance” by Rachel Rambach, a board-certified music therapist and singer/songwriter.

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This dance craze is sweeping the nation! Or at least, it’s a big hit with my student and clients around Thanksgiving time ;)The choreography is so basic that it really can’t be called choreography. Each element in the song has its own move, explained below:

What you’d expect…tucking your thumbs under your armpits and flapping your arms.

Stirring Gravy
Hold your right arm in front of you, curving it to make a half circle (this is the pot). Then use your left to “stir” inside the pot.

Mashed Potatoes
I’m sure you all know this basic dance move, where you pump your fists up and down in front of you.

Pumpkin Pie
Hold your arms out in front of you, curved at the elbow, and twist back and forth at the waist.

Or you can make up your own movements – but if you do, be sure to share them with the rest of us! Enjoy :)


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