10 Go-To Instrument Songs for Music Therapy


Receive all 10 songs from my “Go-To Instruments for Music Therapy” collection, including the mp3, lyrics/chords, instrumental track, and facilitation guide for each song.

Continue reading below for all the details about what is included!

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Grow your repertoire effectively with 10 goal-based songs written and recorded specifically for use with my 10 favorite instruments. Not only will you receive the mp3, lyrics/chords, and instrumental track for each song, but you’ll also gain access to the facilitation guides for all of them as well.

These guides provide you with objectives, procedure lists, and adaptations for each song, saving you time and effort as you prepare to implement them in your music therapy sessions, groups, early childhood classes, or anywhere else you use music to help children learn and grow.

The following songs are included:

  • “Ring Around the Rainbow”
  • “You Can Strum Too”
  • “1-2-3, Clack With Me”
  • “Cabasa Bossa Nova”
  • “Little Brown Frog”
  • “Click Like This, Clack Like That”
  • “The Lollipop Bop”
  • “The Ukulele Song”
  • “Shaky Fruit”
  • “Gather ‘Round the Drum”

As is the case for all Listen & Learn Music creations, I invite you to adapt these songs as needed to best serve your students and/or clients.


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