Cardinal, Sing Your Song


Download the lyrics/chords, mp3 & instrumental track for “Cardinal, Sing Your Song” by Rachel Rambach, a board-certified music therapist and singer/songwriter.

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The cardinal bird has always been a favorite in my house, ever since I was a little girl. One reason my family is a fan of the cardinal is that it just happens to be the mascot of the St. Louis Cardinals — our baseball team of choice. Another reason is that we live in Illinois, where the state bird is none other than the cardinal!

Now while the cardinal might not be your state bird (although it is in 7 U.S. states!), there’s a good chance that you see this beauty in your backyard from time to time. Maybe you’ve even heard its pretty singing, which is featured in my song.

Learn more about the cardinal bird, including what it eats and why it is so very popular, in “Cardinal, Sing Your Song”. Hope you enjoy!


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