Caterpillar Walks Around


Download the lyrics, chords, mp3 and instrumental track for “Caterpillar Walks Around” written and recorded by Rachel Rambach, a board-certified music therapist and singer/songwriter.

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Earlier this spring as I was brainstorming new songs for my early childhood kiddos, I thought back to what have been the biggest hits of the year so far. “Polar Bear” immediately came to mind; my little ones LOVED doing the rhythmic patterns with their hands.

I used that song as a model, and swapped out that winter creature for one much more appropriate for springtime. Thus, “Caterpillar Walks Around” came to be!

This song tells the simplified story of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, complete with easy-to-follow motions.

“Caterpillar walks around…” – pat hands on lap
“Caterpillar stops to eat…” – clap on the word STOPS
“Caterpillar spins a cocoon…” – spin hands in a barrel motion
“Then becomes a butterfly…” – flap arms like wings

We usually sing through the song twice, speeding up a bit the second time after the children are familiar with the words and movements. I have also used this song with older children, who help me think of additional motions for new verses!


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