Dry Bones


Download the lyrics, chords and mp3 for “Dry Bones” adapted and recorded by Rachel Rambach, a board-certified music therapist and singer/songwriter.

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How about a Halloween song that almost everyone knows, or at least has heard once or twice? It’s actually an old spiritual, but over the years has become a staple for this time of year. What’s great about “Dry Bones” is that it doubles as a fun way to work on body part identification.

Rhythm sticks are my instrument of choice if anything; but most of the time, my students are more than happy just to sing along and point out each body part, or “bone” if you will, as it is mentioned in the song.

I love to mix it up by adding other bones (like hand, elbow, arm, shoulder, etc.) and speeding up the tempo for a bit of a challenge. Hope you can use and enjoy this song, too!


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