Red, Yellow & Green


Download the lyrics, sheet music, and mp3 for “Red, Yellow & Green” written and recorded by Rachel Rambach, a board-certified music therapist and singer/songwriter.

Read the product description below for more detailed information about how this song can be used to help children learn and grow.

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Teaching functional skills and real-world concepts are high on my list of priorities, since the ultimate goal for my students is independence. Personal safety encompasses many objectives, including crossing the street, using the crosswalk, and identifying traffic signals.

That is the topic of this song: learning the meaning of red, yellow, and green as related to the traffic lights. Many teachers use this concept in their classroom or when traveling with students from one place to another, using colored signs to indicate whether students should stop, slow down, or go. Learning and practicing this in a protected environment is the first step in transferring such knowledge to a real-world situation.


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