“Spread Some Cheer” Music Class


Every month, I’m presenting a live 45-minute class for children ages 0-5 featuring singing, movement, and instrument playing. These classes are focused on a different theme each month; December’s theme is “Spread Some Cheer”.

Tuesday, December 22 @ 9:30 am CT

Join me via Zoom for the live class, and then continue the fun with a full-length video, which will be available on-demand after the live class is over. Registration also includes a song packet containing the lyrics & chords, PLUS the mp3 recordings of the songs from class.

If you are a music therapist or educator, feel free to participate in and use these classes (and all related materials) as inspiration for your own work. You have my permission to use any and all Listen & Learn songs in your live + recorded classes, sessions, and videos.

These monthly themed music classes are open to ANYONE near or far, so feel free to invite your friends for some interactive music-making!

Prior to the scheduled live class, you will receive an email containing the Zoom link, song packet, instrument/prop suggestions, and an invitation to submit your favorite songs as requests at the end of the live class.



Listen & Learn for Little Ones and Listen & Learn a Little More are early childhood and preschool music classes offered year-round at Music Therapy Connections. Created by Rachel Rambach and continually developed by her team of board-certified therapists and instructors, these classes are designed to instill and foster a love of music as well as develop basic skills for both musical growth and daily life.

The curriculum is comprised of both original and familiar songs that you can start singing along with at the very first class. Activities are designed based on specific goals and objectives. Skills that are addressed include (but are not limited to) fine and gross motor movement, rhythmic foundations, intonation, peer interaction, turn-taking, and academic concepts.

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