Parachute Fa La La


Download the lyrics, chords, mp3 and instrumental track for ‚ÄúParachute Fa La La” adapted and recorded by Rachel Rambach, a board-certified music therapist and singer/songwriter.

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When I set out to write a new parachute song for my holiday-themed early childhood class, there were a few stipulations: it had to have a tempo good for walking, lyrics that were easy to remember, and a familiar tune.

“Deck the Halls” came to mind first, and then everything fell into place as “Parachute Fa La La” was born. There’s walking, stopping, waving the parachute up high and down low, and lots of singing during all of the above.

I use this song not only in my early childhood classes, but also with music therapy clients who are working on following directions, gross motor skills, and vocalization. It’s been a handy addition to my holiday repertoire!

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